PlayMango Games Pvt. Ltd. is a Bengaluru based Toys & Games company that is ushering in the new era of innovation and interaction. With zest and zeal, they surge forward to bring new and exciting innovative games
to the market, in effect creating a significant mark in the industry. With the ability to attract game enthusiasts, PlayMango's catchy name reflects the company's passion and exuberance for fun. The ability to combine intelligence and entertainment is their constant force in inventing games for people of all ages. PlayMango intends to releases a number of exciting games in coming 2011!.



PlayMango now brings you a fast-paced and exciting new cricket game, Cardket! Re-creating the thrill of cricket, Cardket is a card game that has been developed and researched over the last four years. With an all-in-one package, Cardket is the evolutionary new game that will ‘bowl’ you over!

Employing dynamic elements of education and strategy, this unique game is the first of its kind in India and is sure to leave you stumped! Giving you the opportunity to hit sixes within your own home and allowing you to create your own strategies, the game is stimulating, animated and invigorating.